The Ministerratsprotokolle der Habsburgermonarchie und Österreich-Ungarns are a major corpus of governmental documents stemming from the Habsburg Monarchy’s administrative legacy. Covering nearly sixty years of government, the minutes of the Ministerial Council are one of the few edited resources that on the one hand display the inner workings of the Monarchy’s governments, and on the other hand a huge data mine stuffed with prosopographic, political, administrative, economic, cultural, and social information in general on the other.
The minutes are critically edited at the INZ by the research unit Cultural Heritage: Biography and Editions in a long-term research project of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
Citation data for the Ministerratsprotokolle published in book form are available in BibTeX format here, printed books can be ordered here.

This demo application has the purpose of showcasing current Digital Humanities research.
It presents research data from the INZ that has in part been derived from generic XML data of retro-digitized printed books available at https://hw.oeaw.ac.at/ministerrat/.

  • The listEvent code samples have originally been developed as a use case for a joint paper for the TEI 2019 annual conference in Graz which discusses the relation between different dated events and tei:text referencing those.
    listEvent data is CC-BY 4.0 licenced. We’d be happy if you let us know how you use the data…
  • TEI data for sample ministerial council sessions include the necessary event and other additional markup. It has been prepared for presentation during the INFuture 2019 conference.
  • Moreover, we provide sample minutes documents in .docx format
  • Due to unsolved licencing issues, we are not able to publish TEI derivates of the generic XML data that is available under "Open Access" conditions.
  • Reading this text is allowed.
  • Sources for this demo app are available on GitHub.

Figure 1: Activity diagram: What is done?

../data/meta/mrpactivitydiagram.gv.svg UML Activity diagram of what the editorial team of MRP is doing. Source: own work, see source file

Figure 2: Deployment diagram: Involved systems

../data/meta/mrpdeploymentdiagram.gv.svg UML Deployment diagram of what systems are involved. Source: own work, see source file