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The Ministerratsprotokolle der Habsburgermonarchie und Österreich-Ungarns are a major corpus of governmental documents stemming from the Habsburg Monarchy’s administrative legacy. Covering nearly sixty years of government, the minutes of the Ministerial Council are one of the few edited resources that on the one hand display the inner workings of the Monarchy’s governments, and on the other hand a huge data mine full of prosopographic, political, administrative, economic, cultural, and social information in general on the other.
The minutes are critically edited at the INZ by the research unit Cultural Heritage: Biography and Editions in a long-term research project of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.
Citation data for the Ministerratsprotokolle published in book form are available in BibTeX format here and as a TEI listBibl , printed books can be ordered here.

Additional bibliographic reference resources from previous published volumes have been extracted and re-curated: This has been published as a separate BibTeX file with open licence.

This demo application has the purpose of showcasing current Digital Humanities research.
It presents research data from the INZ that has in part been derived from generic XML data of retro-digitized printed books available at

Entities, i.e. data on person, institution, place references and their relations are stored in the MPR APIS instance: Entity data (APIS)